Mission & Vision (Owen Sound Girls Hockey)

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Welcome to Owen Sound Girls Hockey (OSGH) where the Ice Hawks come to play!

Our vision is to continue to build and maintain an organization in which girls and women want to play, parents want to have their children participate and volunteers feel proud of the work they do.

The mission of Owen Sound Girls Hockey is to provide a place for girls to play hockey, compete and grow. We are a player focused sports organization offering hockey to all interested and registered female players, up to 21, within the City of Owen Sound and surrounding area. We will strive to keep our organization unique and focused on the development of women’s hockey so that we can ensure that young women in this sport excel to their highest level.

We are committed to operating a player focused organization, fostering an environment of learning and development. We acknowledge and value innovation and contributions from all members and strive to communicate in an open, constructive and timely manner. We promote independence and dignity through respect and mutual responsibility among all players, coaches, parents and the executive team. We strive for consistency and fairness by involving players, coaches, parents and the executive in decision making processes of the organization. We will advocate on behalf of all players for the overall benefit and sustainability of the organization.

The operations manual describes how we will achieve our vision, mission and adhere to our values.